More about Peter and Soul Vision Films


Who are Soul Vision Films?

Soul Vision Films is the brainchild of filmaker Peter Hegedus. It is the film company that houses the work of Peter and the community that surrounds him.

Company History

Soul Vision Films was established in 2002 by filmmaker Peter Hegedus. The company is based in Brisbane, Australia. It produces a variety of international documentaries, drama and corporate videos.

Mission statement

Soul Vision Films was established for the purpose of producing films that in some way reflect upon the human condition. Our aim through filmmaking is to understand ourselves, to learn more about compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation, all in order to celebrate our humanity.

Who is Peter Hegedus?


Peter began his filmmaking career over 13 years ago, at the age of 21 when he produced and directed his first documentary for SBS TV. Grandfathers and Revolutions is a story about his grandfather, the Prime Minister of Hungary who called in the Soviet troops to quash the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. The film has gone on to win many awards around the world establishing Peter as an international documentary producer and director.

Between 2000 and 2003 Peter produced Inheritance, a fisherman’s story, an international co-production based around the ecological disaster which occurred in Hungary in 2000 partially caused by an Australian mining company undertaking work in Romania. The film follows the life of a fisherman Balazs Meszaros who struggles to survive after the disaster. Balazs travels to Australia to confront the mining company responsible. Inheritance, a fisherman’s story was short listed for the 2004 Academy Awards and won an additional seven awards around the world including Grand Prizes at the Global Peace Festival and the Real Life on Film Festival. Inheritance also had a limited theatrical release in the United States.

Peter also has a passion for drama and over the years he has produced, written and directed several of his own short dramas which also received recognition.  Peter’s first short drama Redemption captures the nine most important minutes of a man's life in a single take. Redemption participated at many international film festivals and was also shown at the annual conference of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty accompanying the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore.

In 2005 Peter wrote and directed Hole in the Wall, an 11 minute drama that explores the importance of dealing with our past in order to move on with our lives. The film participated in many Festivals around the world and has also won best screenplay at the Queensland Short Film Festival.

In 2007 Peter wrote. produced and directed a longitudinal documentary for the ABC titled Wings to Fly, to document over seven years the story of Catrina Lawrence a young girl living in North Australia struggling to forge her identity in the midst of a difficult family environment.

In 2011 Peter has finished another feature documentary My America – which is about his personal search for the American dream. The film premiered at the Sydney Film Festival in 2011 and is due for a nationwide cinema release in late 2011.

Most recently Peter completed The Trouble With St Mary’s – the story about a rebel priest who is sacked by the Catholic Church for unorthodox practices - in co-production with Wildfury Productions.