The Trouble with St Mary’s (2011)

The Trouble with St Mary’s (2011)

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75 min / 55 min

Writer / Director / Co-producer

In February 2009 the St Mary’s church in Brisbane is at the centre of the biggest rifts in the history of the Australian Catholic Church. 72 year old, Parish Priest Father Peter Kennedy is sacked by the Catholic Church for unorthodox practices. The fight that ensues will result in the exodus of an entire Catholic community as they follow their priest into the unknown.


"Unlike so many contemporary documentaries, this film is refreshingly and appropriately free of artifice or manipulative devices. Beautifully straightforward, it is like the people it portrays: faithful, intelligent, natural, warm and earthy. You forget you are watching a film -  you are watching the plain fascinating truth of unadorned humanity in it's most unpretentious, paradoxical, soulful,  courageous and evolving creative state"


“It is gripping Television”

by Gregg Elliott @ indaily

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Director Peter Hegedus
Director Peter Hegedus
Director Peter Hegedus
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