Inheritance: a Fisherman's story (2003)

Inheritance: a Fisherman's story (2003)

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52 min / 75 min

Producer / Writer / Director / Camera

In year 2000, the Hungarian river Tisza suffers the worst ecological disaster since Chernobyl. Fishermen like Balazs Meszaros  struggle to survive. In an effort to save his people and their way of life Balazs travels to Australia to confront the mining company responsible.


Award WreathGrand prize
Global Peace Film Festival, USA

Award WreathThe Hungarian Film Critics award for best young documentarian

Award WreathBest Feature documentary
Real Life on Film Festival

Award WreathNominated for best documentary
Film Critics Circle of Australia


"Inheritance is a powerful insight into the human condition and an extraordinary piece of documentary portraiture.


Real life on film Festival

"Inheritance stands out on all levels. Not only is the development of the story quite remarkable, the protagonist is a treasure, but it is also a very cinematic film. The pictures are beautifully framed and the editing is smooth and elegant. A brilliant and also very important film"

Ulla Jacobsen – DOX Magazine

Peter Hegedus enters – deeply, personally and above all tactfully into his subject. Inheritance is reminiscent of Michael More’s work only here the focus is on the eccentric humanity of the film’s subject rather than on that of the filmmaker himself."

Ron Stringer – LA WEEKLY

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2 years after the disaster
2 years after the disaster
2 years after the disaster
Balazs and Peter
One man band
The meeting