Grandfathers and Revolutions (1999)

Grandfathers and Revolutions (1999)

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Producer / Writer / Director

Andras Hegedus was Prime Minister of Hungary in the communist regime.  He is still held responsible for calling in the Soviet troops to quash the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. In the reprisal thousands died and many fled the country. In 1999 his Australian grandson goes back to ask him about his decisions that shaped Eastern European history for many decades to come.


Award WreathCrystal Heart Award
Heartland Film Festival, USA

Award WreathGrand Prix Award
22e Festival International du Film Independent

Award WreathGrand prize for best Television documentary
14th Parnu International Documentary Festival


"How could a grandson interrogate his grandfather on why he signed the letter that enabled the Russians to crush the 1956 Hungarian Revolution? With difficulty, with enormous heartache, with perseverance, and with love"

Adrian McGregor – The Australian

"Grandfathers and Revolutions is a stunningly subtle disquisition on truth and reality."

Colleen Scott - Amsterdam