My "survivor" story

Today I made my way from Orlando to Washington. I caught a cab, then a plane. Then a bus and then two trains and then another bus. This took me three hours. After that I walked a block to the house where I am staying for three nights while showing MY AMERICA at the American University.

The day in more detail: it started out beautiful. I got up at 8:10 after a good 8 hour sleep. Then I went out for breakfast with Ted who runs the documentary course at Rollins College. Then I caught a cab to the airport and then the plane. I got the seat in the corner right at the back of the plane. So I was the last to get off. Have you been to Washington airport before? Well it’s like a city in itself. It took me about 30 minutes to get out only to find out that I just missed the bus…anyway I don’t want to bore you with this…it wasn’t pretty..

The screening of MY AMERICA is tomorrow. I am looking forward to it after a great screening in Orlando last night.


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