Leaving Global Peace Film Festival

Going to the Global Peace Film Festival restored some optimism in my filmmaking and the way I approach future projects. It’s been the first international appearance of the MY AMERICA where I could be present . It’s funny how things come to you when you most need them. The time to think and the time to reflect has been a blessing. I go back to Australia probably just as tired as I left but I feel emotionally more tuned up if that makes sense. It’s really important once in a while to meet like minded people, and to know that the work you are doing resonates with others as well and not just with you and your family :). I remember hearing somebody say that it’s really bad how we have so many film festivals in the world, that "there are just too many" but I actually think that that’s good because we have a LOT more filmmakers as well. We need our work to be recognised and acknowledged once in a while...


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