Departing the US after the University Tour

Departing the US after the University Tour

With my visit to Stanford University yesterday, my tour across America has come to an end. It feels like I have discovered America for the second time with all its complexity, its contradictions as well as it's beauty.

In some ways it seems like I have made my peace with America. I understand its flaws and embrace all that is great about it. If I got a job here I think I could live in the US. But I know it's not perfect, especially the health care system in the US. I continue to hear horrific stories. Need i go any further?

Going back to the screening I feel very fortunate to have had 12 different venues to show the film and I am especially grateful for the reception the film has received in these places. And I also met some wonderful people on the way whose feedback and support means a great deal not just to me but the whole team who spent years making this film a reality.

I also need to acknowledge that this trip would not have happened without the support of Griffith University who funded a large portion of the trip.

I leave you with a photo I have taken of the American flag. I think it's one of the most beautiful flags in the world. I caught it in the moment of a storm. Perhaps it's symbolic of the times we live in.


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